“Burna Boy Is The King Of YouTube Heist” – Wizkid FC Attacks Burna Boy For Buying YouTube Views

The fans of Wizkid have accused Burna Boy on Twitter after they alleged that he bought fake YouTube views for his music video on YouTube. Th is comes after a screenshot of Burna Boy’s music video titled, “Monsters you made” found its way on social media.

According to the fans of Wizkid, Wizkid FC, the number of views generated by Burna Boy on his music video titled “Monsters you made” generated over 800 thousand views within one hour on YouTube which is strange because it hasn’t happened before in history of YouTube streaming in Nigeria.

Another point raised about the views of Burna Boy was that the number of likes and dislikes on the music video on YouTube didn’t change despite the number of views. This made the fans come to the conclusion that the views on Burna Boy’s music video were organic and not real views.

Some of the fans were of the opinion that Burna Boy is trying to compete with Wizkid just like has been doing with Davido. Some also dragged him and said he cannot claim the best artist by buying views for a dead song on YouTube. Burna Boy has been advised to do better.

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