“My boyfriend has zero hustling spirit, relies on salary”

Young lady laments about her boyfriend’s financial state and his low hustling spirit for a side business as he relies only on his salary.

Through the popular relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin, the lady who claims to earn three times his boyfriend’s salary cries out of being sick of seeing him broke.

Read her full write up below …

“Hello Joro. Please my boyfriend is very average for my liking. He’s a good guy and he loves me alot But I dont like his financial state. He earns 75k month and I earn almost 3 times that amount.

I love him but I still want him to have a side hustle, another source of income at least. He doesn’t talk about any business opportunity, he’s relying on his job alone.. I always suggest business ideas for him that he can at least develop and be more financially stable but he never take them serious.

He’s always scared of risks/loses. No hustling spirit at all and it’s very discouraging. I dont know what to do. I am very industrious and I just want someone that has the zeal for success especially since he’s a man. I want us to be comfortable but he’s not putting in enough work.

This is the 21st century and 75k is quite small. I always wonder what will happen if he loses his job (Godforid) there’s really no back up plan. Please what do I do? I know he loves me but is love enough? I’m worried.”

"My boyfriend has zero hustling spirit, relies on salary" - Lady earning 3X more than her man notes

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